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network is dead anwar al-awlaki
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was considered one of the biggest terrorist threats here in the united states ... good afternoon i am tom negovan and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. while osama bin laden's ran al- qaeda as global operation terrorism experts say american- born cleric and war all al- awlaki worked the internet to draw it in the lone wolf terrorists >>a government official in yemen said a joint intelligence sharing operation between yemen and the united states led to the attack or a u.s. drone killed him and a second american samir
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as well as to whether people in a car in yemen the pentagon has issued new rules for chaplains on officiating same-sex marriages 10 days after the military dumped its don't ask don't tell policy on gays and lesbians in the military chaplains are being told that they can perform the marriages on or off a military base if permitted by state or local law >>wind kicking up gusts of up to 60 mi. per hour and no parts of the lake front door shut down due to these high waves. >>the legion's judy wang is live with their report >>i am here at no. avenue beach where the waves are pretty incredible people are stopping to take pictures but there are six concerns, police are trying to keep people off of these bike and jogging path areas you are looking at video shot
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from north avenue from fuller tent to oak street design we have seen police at various points because the waves are splashing onto these jogging areas the wind advisory which went into effect late yesterday afternoon was canceled earlier this morning. wind gusts reached up to 60 m.p.h. in the chicago area. and gusts of up to 35 mi. per hour still possible this afternoon. one jogger said he had a close call ... >>and jogging along the path just between coke and north and a wave came crashing of and came onto the path and i had to jump on the fence to avoid getting wet and i was worried about getting carried into the water by a wave. >>high winds are to blame for bricks from a two-story home
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falling onto the sidewalk and a car was smashed on the west side at 23rd and south california nobody got injured >>and a power line came down sparking a fire happened in the backyard of a home located in the 2300 block the wind knocked over construction equipment in the area ... when co-med reports a total of 21,000 homes and businesses had lost power. backyard north avenue beach, walker's cyclists and joggers are out the police are stopping some people at various junctures between opec and fullerton because of the conditions at no. avenue beach
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i'm judy wang >>a man was killed early this morning after crashing in s u v onto a west side building chicago police said 42 year-old tyron saunders slammed into the building around 2:00 a.m. on rain slick streets near madison and laramie the gmc yukon wound up on its side after hitting the building which housed a church. tyron saunders was taken to mount sinai hospital where he was pronounced dead. the cause of the accident is under investigation. >>fire destroys for school buses in unincorporated elgin. the elementary school buses were in a parking lot on nessler road near the prairie view grade school. those flames broke out around 4:00 this morning in or extend your short and 45 minutes. investigators say that it certainly appears to be a case of arson but they're still trying to find out for sure nobody got injured. >>the a addition scandal at the
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university of illinois turns into a legal fight over the privacy rights of students. the case is pending the chicago tribune against the university of illinois. at the dirksen federal building this morning the two sides battled over whether the university chef to comply with the chicago tribune's investigation into the scandal >>the tribune once the university to release the names and addresses of students and their parents who were accepted into the schools' main campus thanks to the clout of the alumni but the university claims handed over that information would violate federal law no word on when that judge will be expected to make a ruling. >>a new report said that chicago public schools have delivered only small gains in the classroom of the last two decades the university of chicago researchers said that despite a slew of educational reforms since 1988, there is little improvement in math and reading comprehension for elementary and middle school students. the ripoff of the
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report faults cps leaders for a widening achievement gap between black and white students however the report does recognize gains at the high school level the chicago teachers union wants to bring the city's aldermen in on the discussion over a longer school days. union president karen lewis has invited aldermen to attend one of the three private meetings on monday. a chicago jury is making final preparations today to begin hearing a federal corruption case against william selene he's a businessman from springfield who was involved in fund-raising for former governor rod blagojevich's. he faces charges in connection with a scheme to shake down a hollywood producer for campaign cash for rod blagojevich his trial is scheduled to begin in federal court this monday. >>state senator suzi schmidt is reportedly taking the weekend to decide whether she should step
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down over abuse of power allegations ... she and her husband have had marital troubles. police records show that they have physically fought on several occasions in a 911 call during a fight last christmas suzi schmidt told a police dispatcher to ignore her husband if he called for help ... >>state senate minority leader christine radogno said it may be time for suzi schmidt to step down. springfield insiders say that she's leaving her district for the weekend with friends and show reportedly decide what to do with her life when she returns ... carol moseley-braun had violated state regulations by failing to document how she spent the money that she raised to run for mayor earlier this year. the chicago sun times quotes illinois
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elections officials as saying that braun's only explanation for $315,000 of expenditures is listed as a vendors/multiple state law requires a more detailed break down. carol moseley-braun blames her former campaign treasurer. but that treasurer says that the day she left she told her that her campaign spending report needed much more detail >>we have dramatic testimony in the trial of con men conrad murray and the vice-president surprising admission about who is to blame and who should be held accountable for the nation's economic
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to los angeles county paramedics responded to the 911 call from michael jackson's home.
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paramedics told prosecutors in preliminary hearings that what dr. conrad murray told them about jackson " didn't add up " in early hearings paramedics richard senneff and martin blou nt testified that conrad murray said jackson had just lost consciousness and had no medical problems other than dehydration. murray told them that jackson was on the medication at all. they also said murray removed vials and and i the bag before heading to the hospital. they're expected to expand on that testimony prosecutors allege that dr. conrad murray was trying to remove evidence. >>the appeal on the murder
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conviction for american amanda knox is winding down in italy. prosecutors began their rebuttals. defending the police investigation that led to the convictions of amanda knox and her former boyfriend raffaele sollecito. those two will give final statements monday and then the jury gets the case. in 2009 the two were convicted of murdering meredith kercher who was the british house made of amanda knox the defense says that the prosecution's case is based on tainted dna evidence >>florida threw a wrench into the presidential nominating process today it moved its primary date to january 31st. that would sent floridians to the polls first the republican national committee is against the move and friends to impose penalties the florida gop leaders said they want to play a more prominent role vice-president joe biden says you can't blame george w. bush for the country's economic problems now joe biden told a
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miami radio station that even though about half the country thinks the economy tank because of the last administration is still not relevant biden said he doesn't blame people who are angry with the obama administration he said it's totally legitimate for the 2012 presidential lection to be a referendum on the obama administration and the state of the economy. we will be right back
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i'm beejal patel with bloomberg news at live from the cme group of >>americans are seeing a hit to their wallets for the first time american average incomes have dropped and people are dipping into their savings ...
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consumer spending is barely growing you can blame it on the lackluster job picture and dropping in comes that have sapped consumer confidence >>maybe we can get a break from lower coffee prices they're headed for the biggest drop in more than three years ... supplies can push prices lower ... coffee futures could fall to $2 per lb starbucks has not dropped its prices but some of the large packaged brands have ... >>best buy has cut the
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blackberry playbook price and that will fall in the tablet or is ... >>the u.s. economy is definitely slowing down and there are remaining concerns about the global economy putting a damper on investor confidence across the boards today at the stock exchanges the cta is making it easier for you to be on time riding the bus. >>nancy loo is live in chicago scan would neighborhood with details on a new tracking system. more people will spend less time wondering while they are waiting this morning mayor emanuel and cta president were proud to check out the 400 signs
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going up under bus shelters across the city that lists the arrival times of the next four buses along that line served ... the bus trecker system is already getting tapped into by commuters by a smart phone and computers ... after testing another 250 signs will go up and be placed based on research and overall writer ship on the routes throughout the system we have made a coordinated effort to focus on the end user who are the commuters of the city of chicago who rely on these modes of transportation i think it's pretty awesome i don't have to reach into my pocket to check my phone anymore >>money for the $3.7 million initiative comes from the cta the r t a and federal funding
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and some grant money and eventually there will be customer alerts like route changes and an emergency announcements >>one customer told me she would rather have more bus service and more signs and information >> if you are happy and you know it sent a twitter message how twitter is tracking people's moods ... >>he is considered one of the founding fathers of alternative college radio up next we are talking to husker du and
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the front man of the alternative rock band of sugar he is also a solo artist ... and now he is something else as well he is an author ... bob molduld has a lot of fans around here in chicago i have to ask you about the title of your memoir " see a little light that trail of rage and melody " do you believe the path you have taken ... you've been in some money different bands in your memoir you reflect on this ... it's been a great run so far i
12:24 pm
have been doing this music thing for 30 plus years i began in the twin cities in the late '70s early '80s with my first banned husker du then i went for the alternative music scene and we have lots of stock pictures ... here's a little walk down memory lane this is your life bob ... does this take you back a little bit are you channelling your inner pete townshend? those of some of my old band mates everybody reviews these books but they go right to the pictures in these interviews so many different bands we can
12:25 pm
talk about like the replacements and the foo fighters tell us about your relationship with the foo fighters ... i hooked up with the drummer who had worked with nirvana he wrote a song and the latest record they have with me in mind i guess and i went down there i played and sang on the song dear rose mary and you have a show coming up tomorrow night and saturday night at the montrose room at the intercontinental ... i have a little bit distracted because i have been admiring your guitar it's a beauty ... it's a 1987 american standard
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i'm going to play the title song of my book ... [music: "see a little light" by bob mould]
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we are hearing so much about those winds and waves along lake michigan ... someone said they saw someone knocked off their bicycle by a wave at fullerton avenue. here are some pictures just in to us this is michigan city in the washington park area this is southeast of milwaukee 20 ft. waves there but the measurements
12:31 pm
on the buoys have been knocked off line the whole level of the lake came up about two and half feet according tonoaa that would be in calumet city there's huge wave action in indiana and michigan but we've seen a lot of activity on our side of the lake as well. >>this wendy autumn storm produces sustained wind up to 20 mi. per hour today in our area these costs will go up over 20 mi. per hour and some other areas closer to lake in wisconsin michigan and indiana but they are dropping in
12:32 pm
intensity. this is not unlike what happens during a hurricane with a storm surge this storm just replace the one that took off a couple of days of go without had been hanging around our area rain is not the big issue but the lake effect rains are going into indiana and michigan right now but they will blow back to our shores here those will be on the way these are late october level temperatures really experiencing of the next two days we have a big warmup coming along this stretch of 70 degree @w@wtemperatures in nearly one
12:33 pm
month that's happening@s next week.@s its welcome after what has been a cool september storm warnings on the lake are also showing that we have some frost advisory is in western illinois and to the north wind is blowing over 40 mi. per hour on these purple sections you see on the map. when you move into those yellow suns were talking 20-30 mi. per hour ... sunday will be a beautiful day and that will be great if you are going to the bears game.
12:34 pm
up near the rockford area we had 60 mi. per hour gusts of wind at o'hare airport the peak wind gust was 46 mi. per hour 44 mi. per hour at midway airport ... elmhurst and pontiacs of 40 mi. per hour wind gusts ... over in michigan they are still having wind gusts over 50 mi. per hour. as you see on my chart here we have quite high wind gusts around the lake michigan area on both sides. >>it is truly 55 degrees at o'hare and at midway right now.
12:35 pm
this is like a cool late october day. but we will be relieved by a warm spell next week and look at how much of the country is so much cooler than it was 24 hours ago ... we have increasing temperatures also in the plains states as well as the rockies ... we have a very strong 100 percent chance of more 70 degree temperatures next week here in chicago ... the high today will be 56 degrees the wind will be blowing northwest it will be cloudy breezy and cooler tonight those lake effect showers will
12:36 pm
be hitting some of those lakefront areas it will be a low of 46 degrees overnight in chicago ... the indiana wisconsin area may be affected by scattered showers tomorrow gorgeous and no rain sunday. it will be 58 degrees by the times the bears kicked off their game sunday i will have a seven day forecast later in the broadcast it's time for today's trivia ... which classic humphrey bogart movie won him an oscar? we're
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welcome back it's time for sports ... four years after he
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was questionably let go ... the bears former defensive coordinator ron rivera brings his team the carolina panthers to soldier oldfield this sundayfield this sunday. a lot of guys in his position would downplay the revenge factor, and while ron rivera is and exactly playing that up he is not denying that this game means a little bit more to him. it may mean a little bit more to the guys that he coached here as well who really respect him and really enjoyed playing when he was with the bears. >>he was very knowledgeable he knew the game >>i'm really excited to be here i have always enjoyed being in chicago have a lot of good memories of chicago it's
12:40 pm
exciting for me ... >>i think it's great that i'm back >>the blackhawks forward ben smith is a day to day with a concussion after this hit that he took wednesday night the detroit red wings brendan smith through a shoulder on his head, clearly that kind of hit that the nhl is trying to eliminate so expect a suspension viktor stahlberg however expected to miss three weeks with a lower body injury he looked to be a injured leg >> here is the midday winning lottery numbers ... >> here are the winning pick three numbers: 9 8 9
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 3 4 3 8
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work and it school can interfere with our happiness ... that's what researchers at cornell university found after studying twitter messages. researchers went to half a billion twitter message is in 84 countries that had a pretty universal theme,: people were more optimistic in the morning and less so after going to work or school. they were then in a better mood in the evenings as they go out or spend time with family. people were also happier on weekend
12:45 pm
mornings and during warmer seasons ... researchers say winter seems to bring on more negative twitter messages. >>a california farm is voluntarily recalling bags of chopped romaine lettuce because of possible listeria contamination no illnesses have been reported by true leaf farms of salinas california is recalling 90 cartons that the ship to work in washington and idaho >>and there's a mass recall by popular children's toy company. little tikes is recalling tollway nails because of a possible choking hazard the living
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more flavor to your steaks ... he's the author of a battalion my way as well as the chef and owner of barbuto in new york... celebrity chef and top chef master alumni and he's back with us ... >>you can also do this as a vegetarian dish ... i am going to have you read these leaks to your pepperseks to your peppers..
12:49 pm
>>these have almost an aide like qualityegg-like quality. these mushrooms are just wonderful. mushrooms and peppers really go well together ... you can use any sort of mushroom you don't have to get to exotic ... there really wonderful ... we will add a bit of salt you don't want to much the flavors will come together ... one thing you do have to be careful of when you pour from
12:50 pm
the bottle sometimes your pan will flame up ... the flames could hit the bottle and you can get a real situation on your hands ... that's if you are using gas this is spanish sherry and when you go to spain everybody drinks this from 10:00 in the morning on ... >>and a nice thing about this brandtio pepe sherry... what will happen now all of flavors will meld together and we just add some butter ... and betake this wacky riskwe'll take this
12:51 pm
wacky whisk... i need you to give it a steer and when you add the sherry the alcohol will dissipate but the flavor will be imparted in the dish ... we're just about ready here ... isn't that pretty dina >>it smells really yummy jonathan stand back just a little bit ... i am just going to put the stake right on topeak right on top...
12:52 pm
have a taste and try some of the sauce ... >>now you can talk about your event this weekend while i am eating ... this event is about wonderful healthy local food >>all my goodness jonathan this sauce is heavenly you don't even need the beef with this dish ... colorful and delicious ... if you like more information on today's recipe you can watch
12:53 pm
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at flexpen. insulin delivery that goes with you. and use the answer to today's trivia question: which classic humphrey bogart movie won him an oscar? the answer is the african queen won him the academy award the wind is still creating major waves along lake michigan ... it's 55 degrees. taking hold in the north we are looking at warmer weather coming our way but not in the short group termterm we are nine degrees colder right now
12:56 pm
the wind was gusting 46 mi. per hour at o'hare airport ... that has died down ... the mold count is high but the ragweed is on the low side we will go from the 40's into the 50s tomorrow it will warm up on sunday and continue that trend for the remainder of the week ... we're looking at the lake effect on the indiana michigan shoreline ... and those lakeside counties you will see some lake effect showers and wind it will be partly sunny elsewhere in the chicago land area ... we should have a gorgeous day later this weekend sunday will be wonderful
12:57 pm
in south bend and benton harbor you've@@ got waves and some like affect showers ... >>here is that warm-up that we were talking about ... this will be a welcome change after a cool september we are into wednesday and thursday we have warm weather and the big marathon is next weekend will watch the weather carefully for that ... the wind will come down by sunday for the bears game ... that southerly wind flow will warm this area ... we will go from 65 sunday to 74 on monday 76 tuesday 77 thursday and friday of next week terrific
12:58 pm
whether we deserve it it's about time ... this could qualify as indian summer for some people ... at any rate have a great weekend ... >>thank you for joining us today. we hope you have a great weekend. we will leave you with more from bob molduld he's performing tonight and tomorrow night at the montrose room in rosemont have a good one everyone
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